Silent River Series

There is a silent river that passes through every artist, an infinite stream of awareness originating from some mysterious reservoir. This silent river carries the sediment of our wakeful life. Thoughts and feelings are given form and images emerge as in a dream, they are cross-pollinations. This series is a 3 dimensional document of my awareness and experience of the world.

The forms and elements have coalesced forming new connections and metaphors rich in personal meaning yet touching the universal. In this series I have attempted to blur the line between fantasy and reality and form a unique object. They are the small stones left for remembrance, shadow fossils of a icebound flowers found on the riverbank one cold winter day.




For more information please contact:

Sami Harawi

Mostly Glass Gallery
34 Hidden Ledge Rd
Englewood NJ 07631

1.201.503.9522 fax

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